One Piece: 6 Ways Gear 5 Is The Best Shonen Transformation

The vast majority of shonen transformations stem from grief or pain, such as the Super Saiyan.

Not a Manifestation of Grief or Pain 

The reason why Gear 5 is so iconic is simply because it goes very well with Luffy's very own personality. 

True to Luffy's Character 

Although he may look like a dunce at times, Luffy has boundless imagination and that is exactly what Oda has shown from the very first chapter of the series.  

Based On Luffy's Imagination

Power-ups in Shonen exist to make the character stronger and that is the primary reason for their existence. 

Power Up Exists To Display His Ingenuity

Another reason why Gear 5 is the best transformation in Shonen is simply because it is a form that is based on freedom. From the very first chapter of One Piece, Oda has made sure to make Luffy a person chasing freedom.  

The Epitome Of Freedom 

While this might be controversial for some fans, Gear 5 is essentially Luffy tapping into the childlike powers of toon force.  

Toon Force