National Girlfriends Day is marked on August 1 with much pomp by people in committed romantic relationships.

The day honours the special women in our lives who bring joy, happiness and love with their unwavering support and healthy companionship.

People celebrate the day by showering their girlfriends with unconditional love, planning surprises, pampering them with meaningful gifts, and more.

Scroll through to learn all about the history, significance, and how to celebrate this day.

Know date, history, significance and how to celebrate National Girlfriend Day 2023.

As mentioned, National Girlfriends Day is marked annually on August 1.

The exact origin of National Girlfriend Day is not well-documented, as it emerged through social media platforms and the conscious efforts of people to make their romantic partners feel special.

This annual observance motivates people to celebrate the significant bond shared with their girlfriends.

People express their heartfelt appreciation by showering their partners with affectionate gestures, thoughtful gifts and acts of kindness.

People generally mark Girlfriends Day with their romantic partners.

However, you can also honour and celebrate your girl best friends or soulmates.

Basically, recognise the remarkable women who stand beside you in difficult times and offer their unwavering encouragement.

There are no specific traditions or customs associated with National Girlfriends Day.

The day is all about personal expressions of love and Appreciation.

Individuals can mark it in significant and unique ways related to the personal experiences shared by them and their partners.