Gas Prices Have Hit An 8Month High

The Price Of Gas In The Us Hit An Eightmonth High This Week Due To The Increased Cost Of Crude Oil

The Average National Gas Price As Of Friday Was 373 Per Gallon Up 20 Cents From Last Month

The Premium Gas Has Increased In Price By 20 Cents From June

The Average Price Of Gas In California Is 495 Per Gallon

The Opecs July 1 Decision To Slash Crude Oil Production To 36 Million Barrels Per Day Was Cited By Robert Sinclair

The Voluntary Cut Is Being Implemented On Top Of A Larger Deal By The Opec And Allies To Limit Oil Supply

Around 40 Of The Worlds Crude Is Pumped By Opec And Allies Which Can Have A Major Impact On Oil Prices

As Of July Saudi Arabia Will Cut Production By 1 Million Barrels Per Day

More Than 4 Of Daily Output Is Being Cut Which Has Led To Increased Crude And Gasoline Prices

According To Sinclair Americans Could Be In For Another 25Cent Increase

The Major X Factor Is A Hurricane Hitting The Oil Infrastructure Of The Gulf Coast