Elton John's Farewell Tour Finale: A Magical Evening in Stockholm

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Elton John concludes his farewell tour with a "magical" show in Stockholm after five years and 333 concerts.

The "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" tour becomes the highest-grossing tour of all time as John bids farewell to over 50 years of touring.

Expressing gratitude, the iconic singer thanks over 6.25 million fans for joining him on this incredible journey.

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Reflecting on the tour's end, John shares his sentiments on Instagram: "What a journey this tour has been."

The grand finale features a heartfelt performance of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" as John acknowledges his fans and family.

With immense appreciation, John declares his everlasting connection to his fans:

"You're in my head, my heart, and my soul. And I thank you so much."