10 Motorcycles Uniquely Designed By Humans Were On The List

The Honda Nm4 Vultus Is Also Known As The Bagger Gundam And Features A Futuristic And Edgy Design

The Confederate P51 Combat Fighter Has An Unconventional Design With A Blend Of Classic And Industrial Elements

The R1200C Is A Cruiser Motorcycle That Gained Fame For Its Appearance In A James Bond Movie

This Motorcycle Is Known For Its Outrageous Design And Has A Massive V8 Engine With 4 Wheels

The Yamaha Niken Has A Leaning Multiwheel Technology That Makes It An Attention Grabbing Machine

Sidecar Motorcycles Inspired By Sovietera Designs Have A Classic And Quirky Appeal

Boss Hoss Motorcycles Are Famous For Their Huge V8 Engines