‘Big Brother’ Season 25 cast: Meet the 16 new houseguests

CBS has released the cast list, giving fans a glimpse at the 16 houseguests that will enter the Big Brother house

Age: 27 Hometown: Edinburg, Texas Current City: Brooklyn, N.Y. Occupation: Medical receptionist

America Lopez

Age: 25 Hometown: Riverside, Calif. Current City: New York, N.Y. Occupation: Brand strategist

Blue Kim

Age: 45 Hometown: Melbourne, Australia Current City: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Barrister/DJ

Bowie Jane

Age: 34 Hometown: Eastman, Ga. Occupation: Stay-at-home dad

Cameron Hardin

Age: 21 Hometown: Weston, Fla. Occupation: College student

Cory Wurtenberger

Age: 63 Hometown: Tacoma, Wash. Current City: Kennesaw, Ga. Occupation: Real estate agent

Felicia Cannon

Age: 45 Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn. Current City: Seattle, Wash. Occupation: Geriatric physician

Hisam Goueli

Age: 32 Hometown: New York, N.Y. Occupation: Professional flutist

Izzy Gleicher

Age: 25 Hometown: Omak, Wash. Occupation: Truck company owner

Jag Bains

Age: 25 Hometown: Norwalk, Conn. Occupation: Exterminator

Jared Fields

Age: 25 Hometown: Orlando, Fla., via Dominica Current City: Houston, Texas Occupation: Molecular biologist

Kirsten Elwin

Age: 30 Hometown: Weston, Fla. Current City: Coral Springs, Fla. Occupation: Illustrator

Luke Valentine

Age: 27 Hometown: Cameron Park, Calif. Current City: Baton Rouge, La. Occupation: Deaflympics gold medalist

Matt Klotz

Age: 30 Hometown: St Louis, Mo. Current City: Upper Marlboro, Md. Occupation: Political consultant

Mecole Hayes

Age: 37 Hometown: Gatlinburg, Tenn. Occupation: Sales

Red Utley

Age: 24 Hometown: Portland, Maine Current City: Nashville, Tenn. Occupation: Bartender

Reilly Smedley