“Social Media Showdown: Rahul Gandhi vs. PM Modi – Who’s Winning the Online Popularity Contest?”

Once again, the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have clashed over the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on social media platforms.

On Saturday, the Congress party presented screenshots showing viewership on Sansad TV’s YouTube channel, asserting that Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary speech had garnered more viewers than PM Modi’s. They also provided comparative data of tweets from both leaders to support their claim. According to the Congress social media team, Rahul Gandhi’s last 30 tweets received an impressive 48.13 million impressions, whereas the Prime Minister’s recent 30 tweets only managed 21.59 million impressions. This data was compared yesterday, as per the party’s statement.

Swiftly responding to these claims, the BJP presented its own set of data, emphasizing PM Modi’s superiority in terms of engagements on social media platforms. The BJP pointed out that PM Modi’s account on X (previously known as Twitter) had garnered approximately 79.9 lakh engagements in the past month, while Rahul’s account had received roughly 23.43 lakh engagements.

Furthermore, the BJP highlighted that PM Modi’s Facebook account had accumulated around 57.89 lakh engagements in the past month, in contrast to the roughly 28.38 lakh engagements on Congress’s former chief’s account.

In essence, both parties relied on different metrics to assert their leader’s dominance on social media – the Congress party focusing on impressions and viewership, while the BJP highlighted engagements and interactions.

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