From ‘Guli Mata’ to ‘Sunn Beliya’: Shreya Ghoshal’s Unstoppable Journey to Global Music Stardom!

Renowned playback singer Shreya Ghoshal is making waves not only in India but also on the international music scene. Following her success with the song ‘Tum Kya Mile’ from the movie “Rocky Aur Ranii Ki Prem Kahaani,” Shreya has taken her talents beyond borders.

From ‘Guli Mata’ to ‘Sunn Beliya’: Shreya’s International Journey

In a groundbreaking move, Shreya collaborated with Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred for the song ‘Guli Mata.’ This bilingual track beautifully blends Shreya’s melodious voice with Saad’s rap style, creating a captivating cross-cultural musical experience. The music video, featuring Indian actress Jennifer Winget, tells a fictional historic tale of love, further adding to its appeal. Garnering over 80 million views, Shreya’s Arabic singing skills have garnered global attention, propelling her into international recognition.

Shreya’s latest endeavor is the song ‘Sunn Beliya,’ a collaboration with Egyptian rap sensation Afroto. This fusion of two distinct musical styles is set to make history. The track is part of Coke Studio 2023’s lineup and showcases Shreya’s enchanting vocals blending seamlessly with Afroto’s innovative melodies and rhythms.

Shreya’s Take on the Collaborations

Shreya expressed her excitement about these unique collaborations, where cultures, languages, and musical styles converge. She is thrilled about venturing into global collaborations and believes that ‘Sunn Beliya’ beautifully bridges the gap between different artistic worlds. Despite language barriers, music and emotions have formed a powerful connection, making the collaborations a remarkable success.

Afroto’s Perspective

Afroto, hailing from Egypt and a rising star in the hip-hop scene, shared his enthusiasm for collaborating with Shreya. He sees it as a fantastic opportunity and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. His rise from beatboxing on the streets to impacting the music scene is a testament to his talent and determination.

Massive Reception for ‘Sunn Beliya’

‘Sunn Beliya’ has struck a chord with music lovers worldwide, amassing over 18 million views on YouTube within just three weeks of its release. This speaks to the universal appeal of Shreya and Afroto’s collaboration.

Shreya’s Impressive Journey

With more than two decades in the music industry, Shreya Ghoshal stands as a modern vocal icon. Her versatile voice has graced over 3000 songs in various languages, earning her accolades and recognition. Her contributions to Indian music have earned her four national film awards, solidifying her status as a celebrated artist.

In conclusion, Shreya Ghoshal’s foray into international collaborations with ‘Guli Mata’ and ‘Sunn Beliya’ has garnered immense attention and appreciation. These musical ventures underscore her ability to transcend boundaries and unite cultures through the universal language of music.

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