Revolutionizing Accountability: Kalaburagi Police Unveils Cutting-Edge QR Code System for Public Feedback

The Kalaburagi Police has taken a significant stride toward elevating accountability and transparency within their ranks with the inauguration of the Janasnehi program. This digital initiative introduces a QR code-based public feedback application system aimed at addressing concerns related to police behavior, while also enhancing transparency. Through this system, the police force aims to heighten accountability, enhance their performance, and rectify shortcomings that have previously marred their reputation.

During the launch event at the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) office building, Priyank Kharge, the Minister of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, underscored the paramount significance of respectful and courteous conduct by police officers towards the public. He urged officers to avoid actions that could tarnish the reputation of the Police Department.

The implementation of the Janasnehi QR code system is geared towards monitoring the interactions between police officers and individuals seeking assistance at police stations. Minister Kharge emphasized that this feedback mechanism would serve as a metric to gauge whether officers truly embody the ethos of being the “police of the people and for the people.”

Kharge assured police personnel of the unwavering support and recognition of the State government for their unwavering commitment. Recognizing the persistent stress faced by officers in authoritative roles, he encouraged officers to cultivate positive relationships within the community. Such connections can provide invaluable ground-level insights and contribute to averting untoward incidents.

To amplify the reach of the QR code-based feedback system, Kharge directed police officers to prominently display QR codes in all police stations across the district. Moreover, he urged government officials, from district headquarters to gram panchayat levels, to bolster awareness by distributing QR code pamphlets in public spaces and government offices.

Kharge expressed his gratitude to Director-General of Police (DGP) Alok Mohan for endorsing initiatives that foster transparency within administration, especially within the Kalaburagi district.

Inspector-General of Police (North Eastern Range), Anupam Agarwal, acknowledged that despite 76 years of Independence, certain colonial values of the police system persist in India. He underscored the existing gap between the police and the public, stressing the significance of cultivating public trust and dispelling negative perceptions. The QR code application’s demonstration, executed by Police Commissioner R. Chetan and Superintendent of Police Isha Pant, effectively showcased its functionality.

Members of the Legislative Assembly, Allamprabhu Patil, and Thippanna Kamaknoor, also shared their perspectives during the event. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Adduru Srinivasalu, was also present. The launch of the Janasnehi QR Code Feedback System marks a promising stride towards bridging the divide between the police and the public in Kalaburagi.

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