Private Schools in Uttar Pradesh Announce Closure on August 8

The Unaided Private School Association of Uttar Pradesh (UPSA) has taken a stand in support of the school principal and teacher who were arrested after a tragic incident at a private school in Azamgarh. A 17-year-old female student allegedly jumped off the school building and died, with her family claiming that she was a victim of frequent harassment by the principal and teacher. To express their protest against the arrests, UPSA has announced the closure of all private schools affiliated with CBSE, ICSE, and UP Board in Uttar Pradesh on August 8. The association is urging a thorough investigation before drawing conclusions, and they seek policy changes to protect school authorities and teachers from being arrested without proper inquiry. The incident raises questions about student well-being and emphasizes the need for schools to prioritize mental health support for their students.

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