One Friday Night Review: A Lackluster Thriller with Untapped Potential!

One Friday Night, despite its promising premise, falls short of delivering an engaging experience. The film revolves around Ram Varma, a C-suite executive involved in an extramarital affair with Nirosha, a younger woman. When an unexpected accident occurs, Nirosha reaches out to Ram’s wife, Lata, leading to a tense confrontation between the two women.

With a short runtime of 90 minutes, the film fails to create genuine dramatic moments or maintain a gripping narrative. Director Manish Gupta’s attempt to avoid melodrama and clichés is commendable, but the film lacks the intensity needed to captivate the audience fully. The setting of a rainy night in an isolated villa sets the stage for a thrilling drama, but the film fails to capitalize on it effectively.

While Raveena Tandon delivers a sincere performance as Lata, the portrayal of Nirosha by Vidhi Chitalia leaves the potential of the character untapped. Milind Soman’s acting is passable, but overall, the film lacks the brilliance seen in Gupta’s previous works.

In conclusion, One Friday Night disappoints as a lackluster thriller with unfulfilled potential, leaving the audience longing for more excitement and zest.

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