Netflix’s Latest Sensation: Guns & Gulaabs Drops Today with Dulquer Salmaan and Rajkummar Rao!

“Guns & Gulaabs,” the latest retro-style crime drama crafted by Raj & DK, has arrived on Netflix today. Paying tribute to the mid-90s Bollywood era, this dark comedy series effortlessly merges elements of romance and pulp humor, weaving a story where a mere wrench transforms into an instrument of death, sparking a whirlwind of chaotic events in the enigmatic town of Gulaabganj. Making its debut as the duo’s inaugural project with Netflix, it’s worth noting that “Guns & Gulaabs” underwent an extended production journey — having teased fans with a preview in September, only to maintain silence until this month. While it could be speculated that the creators were engrossed with Amazon Prime Video’s “Farzi,” the absence of this show from Netflix’s 2023 release slate left fans wondering.

“In this endeavor, we revisited our cherished storytelling style from our earlier films (like ’99’ and ‘Shor In The City’). Along this creative process, we found ourselves concocting a genre fusion with a dash of retro flair,” remarked Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK in an official statement. The duo describes “Guns & Gulaabs” as a ‘quirky narrative,’ one brimming with nostalgic melodies and allusions, brought to life by its ensemble cast of misfits who navigate their way through a cartel-dominated town riddled with gang conflicts. Leading the way is Rajkummar Rao (Monica, O My Darling) portraying Paana Tipu, an infatuated mechanic, who inadvertently delves into a world of crime when he unleashes his inner demons — dispatching intruders by turning a wrench into a lethal weapon.

The series reunites Rao with his “The White Tiger” co-star Adarsh Gourav, taking on the role of Chhota Ganchi, the reluctant heir to a drug empire, determined to make his father proud. And no crime drama is complete without a law enforcer; enter Dulquer Salmaan (Sita Ramam) as Officer Arjun Varma. Uninspired by his mundane routine, the upright officer embraces chaos, aiming for quick riches or perhaps a coveted promotion. The most straightforward path to achieving this goal is by dismantling the drug lord, prompting a partnership with Chhota Ganchi to reap a five percent bonus from an unsystematic heist orchestrated by the latter. Amidst the tumult, an overly eccentric gangster by the name of ‘4 Cut Aatmaram’ (Gulshan Devaiah) roams the town, infamous for cleansing souls with precisely four slashes of his switchblade.

Mimicking vintage Bollywood motorcycle chases and exaggerated action sequences, “Guns & Gulaabs” not only unfolds a saga of revenge and heartbreak but also offers a glimpse of innocence through the eyes of three schoolmates. The cast also includes the late Satish Kaushik (Mr. India) in the role of the drug lord father Ganchi, frequent Raj & DK collaborator Ashmith Kunder (The Family Man), and Pooja Gor (The Verdict – State vs Nanavati).

Don’t miss out on “Guns & Gulaabs,” now streaming on Netflix.

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