Movie Review: “Lomad” – A Gritty and Unique Thriller Shot in a Single Take

“Lomad” is a compelling thriller that takes the viewers on a suspenseful journey through the lives of ex-lovers Abhinav and Riya, portrayed by Hemwant Tiwari and Auroshika Dey, respectively. After a decade apart, the two reunite for a special occasion and find themselves traveling through a deserted forest. However, their plans take a dark turn when their car breaks down, leading to a series of unexpected and dangerous encounters. As the events unfold, the film explores the hidden facets of their personalities, revealing that even seemingly mild individuals can unleash their inner fox (lomad) when faced with antagonism.

Directed by Hemwant Tiwari, “Lomad” stands out for its innovative approach. The entire movie is filmed in a single continuous shot, lasting for a remarkable 97 minutes. The black-and-white cinematography, skillfully executed by Supratim Bhol, enhances the film’s noir atmosphere and adds a sense of intrigue. The director’s adept handling of the characters allows the viewers to delve into the complexities of human behavior, as Abhinav and Riya face challenging situations that bring out unexpected responses in them.

Hemwant Tiwari’s portrayal of Abhinav is convincing and compelling, displaying a range of emotions as the character grapples with Riya’s outbursts and confrontations with antagonists. The talented cast, including Parimal Aloke as the villainous cop and Tirrtha Murbaadkar as Abhinav’s wife Naina, deliver commendable performances that keep the viewers engaged throughout the film.

While “Lomad” impresses with its unique filmmaking technique and gripping storytelling, it does have some loopholes that make the narrative less convincing at times. Nevertheless, the film’s single-take nature is an achievement in itself, and viewers can overlook certain shortcomings in favor of appreciating the director’s craft.

The movie maintains a moderately-paced rhythm, though some sequences may feel slightly drawn out. Nonetheless, the constant surprises and twists keep the suspense alive, making “Lomad” an engaging watch. Hemwant Tiwari’s proficiency as both a writer and director shines through, skillfully navigating the characters’ arcs and presenting a dark and thought-provoking tale despite the limitations of a single-shot film.

With limited screenings, “Lomad” is a gem for festival film enthusiasts. Its low budget and single-take approach make it an intriguing watch, and the performances of the actors, who had no retakes to fall back on, deserve commendation. If you appreciate innovative storytelling and a gripping thriller, “Lomad” is a movie that should be on your must-watch list.

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