Mohanlal and Anusree Bring Heartfelt Onam Festivity in Havells’ Thoughtful Campaign

As the vibrant festival of Onam approaches, the joyous spirit of celebrations, togetherness, and love fills the air in South India. In tune with this festive fervor, Havells, the renowned consumer electrical and electronics company, has unveiled a heartwarming campaign that captures the essence of the season. Starring iconic South Indian actors Mohanlal and Anusree, this campaign by Havells touches the hearts of audiences, both in India and around the world, with its heartwarming storytelling.

A Tale of Thoughtful Gestures

The campaign comprises two short films that showcase Mohanlal and Anusree in the roles of a married couple. While bringing a touch of reality, these films seamlessly integrate the brand’s message of gender sensitization through thoughtful gestures. The first film portrays Mohanlal as a considerate husband who takes it upon himself to wash his wife’s outfit overnight, saving her from disappointment. The second film features a touching video chat between the couple, where Mohanlal surprises his wife by preparing dinner for her and storing it in the refrigerator, acknowledging her busy day.

Celebrating ‘Khayaal’ and ‘Khushi’

The heart of this campaign resonates with Havells’ brand ethos of ‘Khayaal’ (care) and ‘Khushi’ (happiness). By showcasing how little acts of thoughtfulness and care can create profound joy within a household, Havells encapsulates the spirit of Onam – a time of love, bonding, and sharing. The campaign focuses on Havells’ appliances, such as the Lloyd Estello washing machine and Lloyd refrigerator, which embody these qualities and enhance the warmth within homes.

Cultivating Meaningful Bonds

In a world where gestures of care and understanding often speak louder than words, the campaign emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships and fostering a sense of unity. As the festival of Onam exemplifies the beauty of familial bonds, Havells beautifully intertwines this essence with the roles played by its appliances in cultivating meaningful connections.

Global Relevance

While the campaign is centered around the Onam festival, its message holds universal relevance. The tales of consideration, support, and affection showcased in the films are stories that resonate with people from all walks of life, transcending cultural boundaries. The universality of these emotions bridges the gap between Indian and international audiences, making the campaign relatable and touching for viewers worldwide.

Havells’ festive campaign featuring Mohanlal and Anusree serves as a heartening reminder of the importance of thoughtfulness, care, and love in our lives. As we celebrate the spirit of Onam, these stories of genuine affection resonate with people across the globe. Havells successfully conveys its brand message of ‘Khayaal’ and ‘Khushi’, underlining the significance of home as a place where relationships flourish and happiness thrives. Just as Onam unites families, the appliances showcased in the campaign play a crucial role in nurturing the warmth and joy within households worldwide.

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