Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel

Diving into the Whimsical Romance of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’: A Delightful Journey

“Red, White & Royal Blue” is a contemporary romance novel written by Casey McQuiston. Published in 2019, the book quickly gained widespread popularity and became a bestseller. It is celebrated for its charming blend of romance, humor, and social commentary, as well as its LGBTQ+ representation.

Plot Summary:

The novel follows the story of Alex Claremont-Diaz, the energetic and outspoken son of the President of the United States, and Prince Henry of Wales, the reserved and seemingly proper British royal. The story kicks off during a royal wedding, where an incident involving a cake mishap sparks an international PR disaster. In an attempt to mend diplomatic ties, Alex and Henry are roped into a fake friendship, which gradually develops into something deeper.

As Alex and Henry spend more time together, they begin to form a genuine connection that transcends their initial animosity. Against the backdrop of political obligations, family expectations, and the global spotlight, their secret romance flourishes. The novel takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the characters navigate their personal struggles, the complexities of their positions, and the challenges of coming to terms with their feelings for each other.


“Red, White & Royal Blue” tackles themes of identity, family, privilege, and societal expectations. The novel delves into the pressures faced by individuals in the public eye and the sacrifices they make for the sake of duty. Additionally, it explores the dynamics of modern relationships, highlighting the importance of authenticity, communication, and acceptance.


One of the novel’s standout features is its LGBTQ+ representation. Alex and Henry’s romance is a central aspect of the story, and their relationship serves as a positive portrayal of a same-sex love story. McQuiston addresses issues such as coming out, self-discovery, and the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals may encounter in various social and cultural contexts.

Writing Style:

Casey McQuiston’s writing style is characterized by its wit, humor, and engaging narrative. The book is known for its clever dialogue, pop culture references, and relatable insights into the characters’ inner thoughts and emotions. McQuiston’s skillful storytelling draws readers into the world of politics, royalty, and romance, making the novel both entertaining and thought-provoking.


“Red, White & Royal Blue” has garnered a dedicated fanbase and has been praised for its representation, positive portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships, and its ability to balance lighthearted moments with deeper themes. The novel’s success has led to discussions about the importance of diverse and inclusive literature, as well as the power of love stories to transcend societal boundaries.

Overall, “Red, White & Royal Blue” is a heartwarming and engaging novel that captures the essence of modern romance while exploring relevant social issues. Its memorable characters, witty dialogue, and captivating storyline have solidified its place as a beloved and influential work in contemporary literature.

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