Delhi Prepares for G-20 Summit: Closure of Schools, Offices, and Markets

With the upcoming G-20 Summit on the horizon, the Delhi administration is taking proactive steps to ensure the event’s success. As part of this effort, it has been announced that schools, offices, and market areas will be temporarily closed for a span of three days, from September 8 to 10. This move aims to facilitate smooth proceedings during the summit, where world leaders will converge in the Indian capital, New Delhi. The plan has been devised in collaboration with the Delhi Police to ensure the security and efficient organization of the event.

This initiative comes in response to a request made by the Delhi Police to the Chief Secretary of Delhi. The request sought the declaration of public holidays during the G-20 Summit and the closure of commercial and business establishments situated within “controlled zones.” These measures are intended to minimize disruptions caused by the movement of dignitaries and attendees, providing a secure and hassle-free environment for the summit.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has endorsed this proposal, and it has now been forwarded for final approval to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

Interestingly, September 7 is already a designated gazetted holiday, and September 9 coincides with the second Saturday of the month. This implies that the primary impact on schools will be observed on September 10, a Friday. Consequently, all educational institutions across the city will be closed during the summit period. Government offices, including those managed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), will also remain closed.

The central aim behind these temporary closures is to alleviate potential disruptions to the public due to VIP movements and associated route arrangements. By pre-emptively suspending regular activities, authorities are aiming to ensure that daily commuters face minimal inconveniences throughout the summit.

This comprehensive plan encompasses both public and private sectors. It will entail the temporary closure of not only educational institutions but also private offices and commercial establishments. Within the jurisdiction of the Delhi Police’s New Delhi district, banks, financial institutions, shops, and commercial establishments will observe a temporary hiatus.

The proactive approach taken by the Delhi Police’s Special Commissioner, Madhup Tiwari, played a significant role in initiating these arrangements. In a letter addressed to the chief secretary, Tiwari proposed the declaration of a public holiday from September 8 to 10 and the closure of commercial entities, particularly in the New Delhi area.

As the G-20 Summit approaches, the international community eagerly awaits the participation of esteemed leaders, including US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Biden’s visit to India, scheduled from September 7 to 10, underscores the global significance of the summit. While specific details of his engagements remain undisclosed, the preparations made by Delhi’s administration reflect its dedication to hosting a seamless and successful G-20 event.

With the countdown underway, Delhi is poised to showcase its organizational prowess and commitment to a fruitful G-20 Summit. The city’s efforts are a testament to its readiness to welcome global leaders and contribute to meaningful international dialogues.

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