Coat Movie Review: A sincere effort to portray caste-based prejudice complexities, but falls short in execution

Coat tells the story of Madho, a young boy from a low-caste family in Bihar, who dreams of wearing a coat like foreigners to gain respect. The film explores the struggles of marginalized communities and emphasizes the value of education and breaking stereotypes. However, the rushed second half dilutes the impact of Madho’s hardships and achievements, leaving untapped potential in the story.

First-time director Akshay Ditti skillfully captures Madho’s determination, struggles, and moments of joy. Vivaan Shah delivers a convincing performance, and Sanjay Mishra and Sonal Jha shine as Madho’s parents. The film’s visual style suits the rural setting, but some dialogues lack depth, and unnecessary songs affect its length.

Despite its flaws, Coat is worth a watch for its genuine attempt to address societal issues and the unwavering spirit of its protagonist, Madho. It captures the essence of hope, perseverance, and self-discovery, portraying the struggles and aspirations of a young boy determined to earn the respect he deserves.

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