Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing: India Awaits Historic Moment

India holds its breath as Chandrayaan-3, the nation’s moon mission, prepares to touch down on the lunar surface. This event, slated for 6.04 pm, has the nation on edge, given the complex landing challenges. Schools are opening for the telecast, and space enthusiasts are hosting parties to witness the occasion.

The mission aims to make India the fourth country, after Russia, the US, and China, to land a rover on the moon. Despite hurdles, ISRO remains confident due to lessons learned from Chandrayaan-2.

The live telecast starts at 5.20 pm via ISRO’s platforms. The Vikram lander carrying the Pragyaan rover will attempt a soft landing at the moon’s South Pole.

This chosen location is strategic, containing traces of water that could revolutionize future moon missions. Water can serve as drinking water, equipment coolant, oxygen source, and provide insights into the moon’s history.

ISRO assures that Chandrayaan-3 is on schedule and systems are checked. Beyond this mission, ISRO has plans for solar study, human space flight, and launching the Aditya-L1 space-based solar observatory.

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