Ankita Lokhande’s Emotional Farewell: Carrying Father’s Remains with Husband Vicky Jain

The solemn moment arrived as the funeral of actor Ankita Lokhande’s father, Shashikant Lokhande, unfolded in Mumbai on Sunday. Amidst the grief, Ankita was visibly overcome with emotion, with her husband Vicky Jain standing by her side, offering solace during this difficult time.

The passing of Shashikant Lokhande, Ankita Lokhande’s father, at the age of 68 on Saturday, marked a poignant chapter for the family. The final farewell took place on Sunday at Mumbai’s Oshiwara crematorium. Emotions ran high as Ankita, accompanied by her husband Vicky Jain, bid her last farewell to her father. The event also saw the presence of Ankita’s friends and fellow actors, including Shraddha Arya, Kushal Tandon, Nandish Sandhu, Arti Singh, Aparna Dixit, and Omkar Kapoor, all gathering to offer their condolences.

A poignant video shared by a paparazzo account captured the moment when Ankita Lokhande, holding one end of the pyre, carried her father’s remains. As they walked forward, the weight of the moment became overwhelming, leading to her tears. Her husband, Vicky Jain, stood behind her, offering support and comfort during this emotionally charged time. Another video depicted Ankita leaving the funeral site, her gaze searching for her mother. In a touching display of support, she reached out to hold her mother’s hand, guiding her back to their waiting vehicle.

While the family has yet to release an official statement, reports indicate that Ankita’s father had been battling health issues for a period of time. In an earlier tribute posted for Father’s Day this year in June, Ankita subtly alluded to her father’s health struggles. Sharing cherished photographs of them together, she conveyed her heartfelt gratitude and love. She wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to my first hero, my daddy. I can’t adequately express the depth of my feelings for you, but I love you immensely… I have witnessed you overcoming numerous challenges when I was a child, but you ensured that your children never felt the strain… You provided me with the wings to fly and supported whatever I aspired to achieve… I am who I am because of your unwavering support and strength… I recall when I embarked on my journey in Mumbai and, at times, struggled to pay rent. However, you always managed to make things work, no matter the challenges you were facing in your own life, because you believed in my dreams… I’m eternally grateful and blessed to have you, Dad. I’ve seen you persevere through health challenges, yet your resilience was something remarkable. Your smiling face during those tough times kept us all going. I take immense pride in being your daughter… I love you, Dad, now and forever. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”

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