Acclaimed Malayalam Director Siddique Critical After Heart Attack; Continues ECMO Support

Renowned Malayalam director and screenwriter Siddique, known for his contribution to the Malayalam film industry with a string of superhit movies, is in critical condition after suffering a heart attack while undergoing treatment for various ailments at a private hospital. The 63-year-old filmmaker, who has a remarkable career spanning decades, was already recovering from liver-related issues and pneumonia when he experienced the heart attack on Monday. His condition remains serious as he continues to receive Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) support.

A Storied Career

Siddique, along with his collaborator and friend Lal, established themselves as an iconic duo in the Malayalam film industry, affectionately referred to as Siddique-Lal. Their creative partnership yielded several blockbuster hits that left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. Films like “Ramji Rao Speaking,” “In Harihar Nagar,” “Godfather,” “Vietnam Colony,” and “Kabooliwala” not only captivated audiences but also elevated the standards of storytelling.

Beyond their collective ventures, Siddique directed a series of successful films that showcased his directorial prowess. Hits like “Hitler,” “Friends,” “Chronic Bachelor,” and “Bodyguard” demonstrated his ability to engage audiences across genres. The impact of his work extended beyond Malayalam cinema, with the Hindi remake of “Bodyguard” starring Salman Khan attaining immense popularity, and its Tamil version, “Kavalan,” featuring Vijay, performing well at the box office.

A Battler’s Journey

Siddique’s current health crisis comes after enduring a prolonged period of medical challenges. The director had been hospitalized for over a month, receiving treatment for a combination of ailments that included liver-related issues and pneumonia. While undergoing this treatment, he suffered a heart attack that has further complicated his health condition.

Current Health Status

As of now, Siddique remains in critical condition and is being supported by ECMO, a life-saving medical technique that aids in respiratory support when an individual’s heart and lungs are unable to function adequately. This method provides oxygenation and circulatory support by allowing blood to bypass these organs temporarily.

A Praying Film Fraternity and Fans

The news of Siddique’s critical condition has sparked concern and prayers from the film fraternity, fans, and well-wishers alike. The impact of his work on Malayalam cinema, combined with his role in bringing entertainment and emotion to audiences, has generated an outpouring of support for his recovery.

Siddique’s journey from delivering blockbuster hits to facing health challenges reflects his resilience and determination. The Malayalam film industry, as well as Indian cinema as a whole, holds him in high regard for his contributions. As his health condition remains uncertain, the prayers and hopes of countless fans and admirers are directed towards the recovery of this cinematic legend, who has left an indelible imprint on the world of storytelling.

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